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Acquire Florida started in a small office suite in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the goal of becoming the #1 real estate training school in Florida. What began as a small, family-run real estate school has grown to become the standard in online business education. Acquire Florida Education is proud to employ a team of dedicated staff members and faculty to support our current students and alumni.

We know that choosing to further your education and building a new career is an important decision. We value our role as your education provider and want to prepare you to make a smooth transition into your new career. When you enroll at Acquire Florida Education, you receive a partner in your education. We guide you from start to finish and give you the tools you need to build a successful future.

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AFE Online Students Pass The License Exam More Than Every Other School

What’s the difference between passing and failing your Florida real estate license exam the first time? It isn’t only knowing the basic information the Florida Real Estate Commission requires for the education. You must also know and understand what is tested and how it is tested… and the only way to know these things is by practicing on many questions that are just like those on the license exam.

Acquire Florida Education not only provides you with the required education in a straightforward format, but is designed specifically to teach you what you need to know to pass the license exam on the first attempt. We provide extensive text and test questions to prepare you for the license exam. That way, no tricky questions, vague or conflicting answers, or even the stress of the study and testing process will surprise you when you go to take the license exam.

Other Florida schools simply bury you with a dry text called the “Real Estate Manual”, which is a random collection of laws and articles published by the Florida Real Estate Commission, none of which was ever intended or designed to be used as educational text. More often than not, the information in the "Manual" is outdated before it is even published, as the Commission constantly revises the laws and contract forms contained therein. This means that some schools are actually teaching information that is outdated and therefore not what is currently tested on the license exam. The rest of the schools also heavily rely on generic real estate books that can be bought at any bookstore, but have nothing to do with the detailed Florida information tested on Florida's license exam.

Since over 90% of our students pass the state license exam the first time - then you save even more money, by not having to pay to take the license exam more than once. Don't get caught attending another school that has half their students failing the license exam and paying to take it over and over!

Best Passing Scores - A Local School that will always be focused only on its students.

Why Even Consider Any Other School?

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